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Secure Storage for React Native (Android & iOS)

Almost 3 months later I’m publising a new package. I developing apps with “” at work, also I’m working with Android apps too. After 9 months React Native is became my favourite framework for developing apps.
Of course with in these times, I needed a lot of different packages.

This package is updated to v2.0.1 so some part of this article is not valid. Please read new (v2.0.1) for usage.

And the oscar goes to my second React Native component package :) React Native Pin View is a easy, convenient, quick-forming component for quick usages. ()

Package usage demo.

At before this package, I published my first component package. That package downloaded 1.7K+ times. You can see that package from here:

Why and how did I build this package?

Firstly this package at still development status. I’m still developing this package for my side project login screen. At the beginning I searched a lot of package for that usage. …

Well, firstly this is my first Medium post. Also subject of this post is about my first react-native package. So we can say this is the first of firsts. Whatever, I wrote this package because I want share something about React Native.

And, ta da 🎉

Getting Started

This package at first just have one component (CardViewWithIcon) but in the future I will add more component like, CardViewWithImage, ArticleCardView etc.

I think, you asking now this “”, because;

  • So simple even a monkey can use.
  • Default configs are enough but if you want, you can change…


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