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Well, firstly this is my first Medium post. Also subject of this post is about my first react-native package. So we can say this is the first of firsts. Whatever, I wrote this package because I want share something about React Native.

And, ta da 🎉

Getting Started

This package at first just have one component (CardViewWithIcon) but in the future I will add more component like, CardViewWithImage, ArticleCardView etc.

I think, you asking now this “Why should I use that package?”, because;

  • So simple even a monkey can use.
  • Default configs are enough but if you want, you can change every configs.
  • It will update every possible moment. Yes I’ll guarantee.

Actually, I created this package after my co-worker (Android developer) got an issue about Android card view. And I’m started thinking about, if I had the same issue on React-Native, how can I solve?

In React-Native styling is so simple

If you try styling something that will be easy in React-Native. Because css style props are easy to understand. Also if you familiar to web designing and ReactJs styling you can easily design your app layouts. You need rounded border use borderRadius or if you need more dark shadow, so you can increment the shadowOpacity.

Under these circumstances I released my first React Native package

How to use?

So, how can you use this package in your project? If you want to see documents then you should click this link otherwise continue to reading.


With Yarn

yarn add react-native-simple-card-view

With NPM

npm install react-native-simple-card-view

After installing you should use this command.

react-native link | or | react-native link react-native-vector-icons

Well done my fellow installation completed!

You’re such a success!!! 👌

Usage Example

In Medium, I’m created different example for you. Otherwise you can easily go to other example :

v0.1.3 Features

  • Touchable area (onPress) for CardViewWithIcon


  • CardViewWithImage — in process ♨

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License — see the file for details




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